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TaeguTec Success Stories


Reading Chips Improved Machinability

Fully automated systems are a true advantage for today’s large manufacturers but with the increased productivity output and reliability comes big challenges from small chips which create stress for machinists, the workpiece, tools and machines. When auto parts producer Masung went the next ...

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TT Locks Successful Energy Flow with DK-Lok

The creation of quality fittings and valves is more than the excellent customer service DK-Lok provides, it starts by using the best raw materials and cutting tools in order to create products that are used in industries like oil and gas, heavy, natural gas vehicles, rail and high-speed rail, ship and marine ...

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Improving the Line with the Right TaeguTec Line

To create important automotive, ship building and railway parts, Hyundai Sungwoo Automotive Korea left behind the big-name cutting tool manufacturers for cutting tools made in their home country; not because of patriotism, but because of the superior quality of the finished parts they provide to their ...

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Unilathe on the Rail-Road
to Success

The prolonged depression in the oil and gas sector is impacting business for subcontractors the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. However, Unilathe is a subcontract manufacturer that sees the downturn as a small bump in the road credit to its diversification strategy and more importantly its 3 million ...

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Esong Sings Success After Improvements

Their success began when they started to use TaeguTec cutting tools almost exclusively to produce the highly technical parts that go into making medium and larger passenger vehicles for the big two Korean car companies. TaeguTec came up with a solution that reduced the cycle time ended up saving ...

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RhinoRush Drives Cost Reduction Partnership

Looking for answers, Mr. Kim contacted TaeguTec to see if they had anything in their catalogue to help him reach his target of cutting 20 percent off the total cost of production. RhinoRush was the answer. In initial tests, the new RhinoRush line was able to shave 25 percent off of Hwasin’s ...

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TaeguTec is renowned for its specialist tungsten carbide cutting tools, tungsten powders, tungsten carbide rolls and industrial products. The specialist tooling engineers at TaeguTec are continually introducing innovative new methods of producing cutting tools for the metal cutting industry, to deliver some of the best cutting tool solutions to various market sectors such as the automotive, mold and die, aerospace and heavy industry sectors. For further information on TaeguTec products, please visit TaeguTec website www.taegutec.com

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