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Parents & Families

Welcome to the Bismarck State College family! We are so pleased your student has chosen BSC.

As a support to your students, we want you just as involved with the BSC campus. Throughout the year we have athletics events, plays, concerts, art showings, and many other events that are open to the public. 神秘市场餐饮中心向公众开放,与您的学生一起享受一顿饭,体验BSC美丽的校园.

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While this is an exciting time for you and your student, it also can be a stressful time. 大学与高中有很大的不同,对于那些工作或照顾家属的人来说,大学可能是一个额外的挑战. Your student will have more responsibility than they've ever had before. BSC提供了许多资源来支持你的学生学习如何管理他们的时间, their academics and their lives.
  • Parent FAQ (scroll down): Get answers to the most frequently asked questions from parents. 
  • 发现平衡计分卡(下文):了解为学生的成功而设计的工具和资源.   
  • Visit the Calendar Dates and Deadlines page to help your student stay organized and plan ahead.
  • Student Policies and Library Policies: The rights, responsibilities and privileges enjoyed by the students, faculty and staff are outlined in these policies. 
Mystic Advising & Counseling Center (MACC)
BSC Student Union (lower level)
Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When someone has received notification of acceptance to BSC, what happens next?
被录取的学生将收到学术记录办公室的注册通知.  该通信将包含有关准备注册的信息,包括设置新的学生注册预约. 录取通知书将于秋季学期的3月和春季学期的10月发给被录取的学生.
My student was not accepted into their program of choice. Is there another option?
When a student does not meet the required scores for a specific program or course, they can take the ACCUPLACER Placement exam to improve on their placement scores. ACCUPLACER分班考试为学生提供有关其学术技能的信息. Scores are screened for proper placement in English (Writing), Math, and Reading. With no time limit, typically students spend 1 1/2 - 2 hours to complete the full exam. Though the placement exam is computerized, computer skills are not necessary. Visit Testing Services for more information or to schedule an appointment.
What is the role of an academic advisor and do all BSC students have one?
Each BSC student is assigned an academic advisor based on their program of study. This advisor may be faculty or a professional advisor. Students can find their advisor's name and contact information in CampusConnection.
Why should a student see an academic advisor?
与学术顾问的关系为学生提供了适合人生目标和目的的教育计划. Most of all, an advisor helps students select appropriate courses for the degree selected. 日程安排的任何变化或有关课程或十大网络彩票平台大全的任何问题都是与顾问联系的理由.
What should students bring to an advising appointment?
学生应该带一份他们想参加的课程清单,以及他们想与导师讨论的问题或话题清单. 顾问可以回答与学生成功支持服务相关的问题以及与您感兴趣的职业相关的问题.
Can students change advisors?
Yes. To request a change, complete a Program/Advisor Change Form.
How do students know which courses to take?
The college catalog provides information regarding all BSC degree plans. 学生可以与他们的学术顾问预约,审查学位计划并制定完成计划. Students can find the name of their advisor in Campus Connection.

If a student doesn't know what they want to do, is there someone who can help?
Yes. 咨询和职业服务为不确定学业目标的学生提供指导. The Mystic Advising and Counseling Center (MACC) is located in the lower level of the Student Union. 各种评估测试和职业信息可供学生开始早期的职业规划.
What is a typical student course load?
To be considered a full-time student, a student must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits per semester. 然而,全日制学生的平均课程负担通常是每学期14-16学分. Students with external responsibilities (ie: work, family, etc.) or students who experience academic challenges may consider a reduced course load. Part-time enrollment status can impact financial aid status. 每学期修15个学分,学生每周至少要花40个小时上课和学习.
Should students work while in college?
Much depends on the student's credit load, financial need, involvement in extracurricular activities and family responsibilities. Being a full-time student is the equivalent of working full-time. 时间管理和责任平衡是与学术顾问讨论的问题. Students have various on-campus employment opportunities.
What financial aid is available for BSC students?
财政援助办公室帮助学生准备预算和确保他们的教育费用的资金. Financial Aid and Scholarship information is available in the Financial Aid office located in Schafer Hall.
How do students apply for financial aid?
The student will need to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at www.studentaid.gov. 家长和学生都需要在FAFSA网站上创建一个联邦学生援助(FSA) ID. 在填写FAFSA表格时,我们建议学生和家长使用IRS数据检索工具,该工具可用于FAFSA的收入部分. Bismarck State College's School Code is 002988. Visit step by step instructions to applying for financial aid.
How does a BSC student find and print their class schedule?
Students have access to all their academic records information through CampusConnection.  Click here for CampusConnection help sheets.
How and where do students get a Mystic Card (Student ID)?
星期一到星期五上午8点到下午4点在学生会的问讯处打印神秘卡片. 学生需要携带他们的EMPL ID号(与学生ID号相同)以及他们在CampusConnection上的课程表(证明你在本学期注册了BSC课程)和带照片的身份证. The first ID card is free, but $10 is charged for replacement of a lost or stolen card. For further information, visit the Mystic ID Card webpage.
If a student has decided not to attend Bismarck State College, 学生有责任在截止日期前退课或退到零学分. For more information visit Withdraw to Zero Credits and the Dates and Deadline Schedule.
How can I track my student's academic progress?
We encourage a student’s support group to talk with them about their academic progress.
However, for student records purposes, the college assumes that all students are independent. Students who would like to release educational records to a 3rd party must complete the FERPA Release Form or delegate access within CampusConnection. The completed form must be submitted to the Academic Records office for processing. The release remains in effect until the student revokes such consent in writing.  然而,教职员工可以与你分享的信息数量仍然有限.
How and when do students purchase textbooks?
学生可透过CampusConnection (textbook viewing helpsheet). The Academic Calendar will list the first date, per term, when students can begin to view the list.

Students can access this list, 并在学生会二楼的BSC书店购买图书前,查询各种渠道的价格信息 online from the BSC Bookstore website. 一些教科书可以通过BSC书店租赁,或者可以向额外的财政援助或第三方收取费用,通常从上课前的周四开始.


How do students keep track of their academic progress throughout the semester?
所有学生都有责任就所选课程的进展情况与导师保持联系. Only final grades are posted in CampusConnection.
Is there guidance for undecided students?
Many first-year students are not sure about a major. MACC的职业咨询服务为BSC学生提供帮助,帮助他们在职业和教育目标方面做出明智的决定.
If struggling with coursework, where can students seek help?
Tutoring services 都可以在杰克科学中心022室的赛克斯学生成功中心/辅导室预约. The room is in the section of the building that connects the 3rd floor of Jack Science Center to the Leach Music Center. 在杰克科学中心和谢弗大厅之间的人行道上也有一个外部入口. 
If a student had an IEP in high school, what services are available at BSC?
A student who has been on an IEP or 504 Plan in high school, 应联络学生无障碍办公室(701-224-2496)查询住宿服务. An individualized education program (IEP) or Section 504 plan, if you have one, may help identify services that have been effective for you. However, 由于高等教育和高中教育之间的差异,这通常是不充分的文件. Additional information is available on our accessibility page.